philosophy is love of wisdom

It’s a intellectual and living very human activity; an activity of thought, a quest for wisdom, a pursuit of knowledge. Nor academics nor professionals thinkers hold a monopoly over this activity.

Philosophy is everybody’s business (…)
to help us to understand things we already know,
understand them better than we now understand them.

(Mortimer Adler, Aristotle, ix)

ThinkThing is a philosophy club, open for students curious about this art of intellectual reflection, interested in learning or deepening their knowledge on some philosophical questions.

Our meetings are informal. The SINCERITY (in discussion on one’s own perplexity) is the most fundamental principle of our club, followed by the SIMPLICITY (in speaking the way one think), and the CHRISTIAN OPTION, a wide and integrating comprehension of existence and life, truth, reality, history, transcendence and our place in the cosmos.

We read the very texts of great thinkers, both ancient and contemporary, Occidental and Oriental. To sharpen our comprehensions and views, we may debate and question freely each other.

Students 18-30 are welcome.

Myth or mystery?

Almost everyone uses the word “God”, but only a few can say what they mean by the word, especially if they are persons without religious beliefs.

How to think philosophically about God afresh? Can we consider God, His existence and nature – without preconceived assumptions or biases? What questions arise when our target of inquiry might be God? Where do we start? What are the categories? What are the difficulties? Can we make progress? Are there possible conclusion?

Dangers of faith

  • Friday, 16 November 2018 Learning to learn meditating
    The method of Hugh of Saint-Victor [Download the texts hier]
  • Monday, 10 December 2018 MEDITATION MONDAY
    On the dangers of faith
  • Friday, 18 January 2019| ‘God out of faith’
    Galileo Galilei, 
    René Descartes & David Hume
    [Download the texts hier and hier]

Faith & Reason

  • Friday, 17 May 2019‘Thinking about God’   C A N C E L E D
    Aristotle & St. Thomas Aquinas 
  • Friday, 21 June 2019‘Thinking about faith’  C A N C E L E D
    Bl. John Henry Newman & Luigi Giussani